We all go through unique experiences in this life. These experiences have a major influence on our perspective in life and the choices we make. Unfortunately, we often make choices which lead us to regret the direction our life has taken. Most of us would agree that, while we did not consciously choose to become addicts, our addictive behaviors cause great personal pain and relationship problems in our life. We  also did not choose to suffer from mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety or trauma, the effects of these maladies create devastating impacts on our ability to negotiate the challenges of life.

With the growing presence of the Internet, more and more men ( and to a lessor extent women)  are unwittingly subjecting themselves to a highly potent drug called Internet porn. This has caused an epidemic in sexual addiction just as the gambling casinos did in gambling addiction.

• Are you tired of struggling through each day?

• Do you swear you will never break another promise to yourself and find yourself breaking that promise over and over again?

• Do you find yourself avoiding people and places which remind you of your past?

• Are you contemplating making a change for the good in your life?

The pressure to be completely in control of our behaviors and independently competent in this life can make it difficult to ask for help. There are societal myths that say we should be able to handle the demands of life on our own. We are taught how to trust by are primary care givers as a child. If those persons were not trust worthy, we draw the erroneous conclusion that we can trust no one. This can lead to a life of decisions which are rigid and flawed resulting in behaviors which cause pain and misery to ourselves and to those around us. Failed relationships, lost jobs, problems with the legal system, financial insecurity, severe sadness and loneliness and repeated failures over and over again, are consequences that demand that we take stock in our lives and ask for help where help is needed.

I can help.  Please help yourself by reaching out and contacting me. Your life is worth it!